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Update on Penny

Well, it's been a couple of weeks now since Janet adopted me, and she keeps telling me that I've "come a long way" ....

As long as Janet is regular with the schedule, I remember to do my business outside, but I still have accidents from time-to-time. At least I don't cower when she tries to pick me up anymore - at least not as much as I used to.

I still am not sure what "playing" is all about, but I do get excited and race all around the backyard when Janet claps her hands at me. What fun it is to run and play in the grass!

I have my own spot on the bed now, as does Abbie (the toy poodle) and the 2 cats (when they are inside at night), and I don't move until Janet's alarm goes off in the morning. That's when she has to get me outside real fast for me to do my "business". Then it's breakfast time and I still eat like it's my last meal. Gotta learn to slow down and that no one is going to steal my food.

I've learned to take cookes from Janet's hand without being scared. I used to run up to her and grab the cookie before she could grab me (again memories of my old life I think). Now I take the cookie nicely without fear that she'll do something awful to me.

Oh ... I did finally find my voice! I don't sound the alarm often, but when I do, Janet laughs 'cause I don't seem to quite know what I am barking about - usually a strange noise or something outside. Once I know what the noise is, I don't have to bark at it next time I hear it.

I heard that my sister LouLou is not far away from me and that another nice rescue lady had adopted her. Oh, how nice it would be to see LouLou again!

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