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Hi Jenn, I noticed on the "fan mail" section of Animatch's site your letter regarding LouLou. I had actually asked first about LouLou, but she was already taken. When I walked into Helen's, there were 3 chi's left and Penny (then Speedy) ran up to me with kisses, and I knew I had been chosen.

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Hey Janet,
Quite the coincidence but I adopted LouLou from Animatch as well! So I have one of the gang here with me! LouLou does the same thing, she grovels on the ground and rolls over when you pick go to pick her up. LouLou is clean in the house for the most part though. Sometimes I miss the signal as she's so quiet and we have a little spot to pick up but I'll learn to pay better attention. Maybe LouLou and Speedy could have a get together?
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