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Old Dog Peeing

I rescued a little yorkie, about a year and a half ago, off the street. He was a mess. I tried desperately to find him a good home, but no one wanted him due to his age and problems. So I decided to keep him and give him a good home. He's between 11 - 13, deaf, has cataracts, and is constantly peeing in the house. We have a doggie door which he uses when he feels like it, which is getting to be less and less. I'm so frusterated with the constant messes, not to mention the smell. He's a sweet old guy, but I'm at my wits end. I've tried putting him in the bathroom with a gate at the door, but come home to even a bigger mess. We live in an area that gets cold at night and in the winter; so the option of leaving him outside is NOT.

If anyone can give me any suggestions on what to do, I'd greatly appreciate it. He's still got a lot of life in him and is very happy and content here. I just can't deal with his peeing in the house anymore.

Thank you.
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