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Originally Posted by allymack View Post
1. Will he only give me eye contact so he can get a treat
Use treats only when training the eye contact in a new environment. Gradually decrease the amounts of treats and give them irregularly. However, the first few times he looks at you without you asking, make sure he's hit the jackpot and give him bonus treats.

Originally Posted by allymack View Post
2. Will he learn to give me eye contact when there are other distractions around, i.e. dogs?
He will but it'll take time to achieve this. The trick is to make sure you are in his 'safe zone' and only slowly decrease the distance between him and the stimuli. As soon as he is unable to focus on you, you are too close. In time, you should be able to decrease the distance.

The more repetition in different environments, the quicker he'll catch on.
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