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Originally Posted by kanis View Post
My kittens just received their last set of shots. They are indoor only kittens. They received the core vaccinations and not the FLV vaccination. Do they need the FLV vaccination if they'll never be leaving our home?

I want to do the best for my kittens and really confused. I've read some vet recommendations that state FLV Vaccination isn't necessary for indoor only cats and then I read others that do. My vet recommended it, and I refused it. Is it necessary? And if so, can they still be vaccinated against it even though they've never received the vaccination while kittens?
Indoor only cats don't need the FLV vaccine. The virus is transmitted through bodily fluids, most often via bites from an infected cat. If you can be certain that your cats don't get out and come in contact with stray cats, they'll be fine. Natural immunity increases with age, so beyond kittenhood, there's no point in vaccinating.
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