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Originally Posted by breeze View Post
i now use a pincher collar with Bree,she has pull my shoulder out one to many times.. and I too am a small women.. with this collar you must find a good trainer to show you how to use it.. it is mandiory. other wise to loose or to tight can injure your pup !!!!!!
i sincerely believe that every situation needs individual attention... that not every training tool will fit every dog or every owner...

i also use a "pinscher collar/prong collar", as strongly suggested by my new dog trainer for dominant/aggressive dogs - she showed me how to use it with her own before i bought my own the following day... i just adopted gaya at the spca shelter, 2.5 weeks ago, she is 3.5 y.o., only 57 pounds, but she is pulling terribly, making a walk with a reg. collar totally impossible for more than 5 min., just for the time for a pee when we're on the road... and she is demonstrating spontaneous aggressiveness towards other pets we meet in parks... :sad: i don't really know what happened to her with other pets... people don't tell everything when they abandon their pets at the spca shelter... the only thing they said is that gaya was alone all day/evening in a fenced yard, or in a cage inside...

i have major back and neck/shoulder issues and i walk with a cane - i didn't like the idea of a prong collar initially, not more than for a choker, but for everyone's safety, with proper instructions, i went for it... as i learned that the prong collar is safer for your dog than the choker chain... so, with the prong collar, i feel i have a much much better control... and walking in parks is now possible and fun with my new friend... better be safe than sorry

here are 2 links i found... for those interested in getting more info on how to use the pinscher collar/prong collar:

A Study on Prong Collars was done in Germany:
100 dogs were in the study. 50 used choke and 50 used prong.
The dogs were studied for their entire lives. As dogs died, autopsies were performed.
Of the 50 which had chokes, 48 had injuries to the neck, trachea, or back. 2 of those were determined to be genetic. The other 46 were caused by trauma.
Of the 50 which had prongs, 2 had injuries in the neck area, 1 was determined to be genetic. 1 was caused by trauma.


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