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Leo the coonhound - update

Hi all,
For those of you following my various Leo posts over the past week will be happy to hear that he did beautifully at the vet's today. He was neutered and got some shots today. He his home now and doing just fine; he's acting a little weird - skittish at times and subdued at others. I assume that's from the trauma of being at the vet all day and a side effect of the anesthesia, respectively.

But, all in all, he seems well and just wanted to thank everyone for their advice and interest and for generally being there when I've had my questions over the past few weeks. I'm sure I will have many more in the coming months/years.

As I type this, Leo just stole a LEMON from the kitchen, bit into it and is now shaking his head and wagging his tongue around like a dog possessed! Haha - the adventures never end with this dog! I better get him some water...
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