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lm9012 here is some info on Potassium Chloride it is mostly prescribed for low potassium levels, is sometimes used as a salt subsitute in order to increase water consumption. Most if not all of the vet kidney diets contain potassium chloride, as do many non-kidney-specific dog foods.

Slow K This site is directed for humans but as you know many veterinary drugs are derived from human ones. Slightly conflicting warnings here, to be used w/caution for slightly lower than normal kidney function & advised not to be used with advanced kidney failure.

Depending on the dose it can increase the blood sodium (Na) level.

Canine Cancer Awareness Kidney Diet in the Homemade Cancer Diet potassium chloride is used as a salt subsitute.

I have something else for you I was so excited when I found this I don't know why I hadn't thought to do one myself Some of my lab results I have a paper copy and some were emailed to me via pdf or img files here is an Excel spreadsheet to keep a chronological file all in one place. The reference values here are in US numbers - just double check them against the lab your vet uses.

Chronological Lab Results in Excel Spreadsheet

As for dental disease, yes that can make a big difference with kidney disease & it can also lead to heart disease. Bacteria in the mouth, on & under the gums & on the teeth travels through the system into the blood (where it can affect the heart) & as you know the kidneys filter the waste from the blood so all that stuff ends up there. Kidney disease also can lead to ulcers in the mouth which would be made abit worse I'd imagine by tarter on the teeth.

Duffy (17 yrs old) had a full dental cleaning in May 2008 & did have a few teeth that had to be removed due to cavities, her eating improved after those painful teeth were removed. She has been cleared by her vet to start chicken necks to help with the cleaning & I brush her teeth a few times a week (which she doesn't like, but she likes the taste of the pet toothpaste ) I was very concerned about putting her under for the dental, it was done at a hospital my vet used to work from & they were fully aware of the CRF. She was on IV fluids the whole time & fully monitored, she was given homeopathic remedies for pain management after & was fully recovered showing no signs of having had surgery within 2 days.

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