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He Keeps Escaping His Crate!

Hi All,

My boyfriend and I are new to this site (as members). We check these forums almost daily, but have decided to join and see if we can get some advice on our dog!

We adopted our dog from the Toronto Humane Society about 4 months ago, when Bruzer was a year old. We immediately knew we were going to have to crate train him because he had some pretty severe separation anxiety. Until 2 nights ago he was doing fantastic in his crate! Now he has managed to brake the plastic plate under the metal bars at the bottom of his crate and escape. Today my boyfriend put some wood down, but Bruzer still managed to tear it up and get out. Bruzer's got some pretty nice "scratches" on his face as a result of this now, and I'm worried it will only get worse. There hasn't been any change to the environment, or his activity level etc. This change was very sudden and unexpected. He has had no interest in his toys while in the crate either. We're just not sure what else we can do. If we leave him alone in the house or a confined area he will pee and poo everywhere - oh and chew anything!!

Any words of wisdom?
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