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Originally Posted by lm9012 View Post
Hi Growler! Glad to hear Duffy is doing well despite the resent Creatinine finds.

do you fast Duffy before the blood is drawn?
Duffy has never been fasted for test results, & they are always done first thing in the morning, she has breakfast about 4:30 am & previous tests were @ 8am at the conventional vets and now @ 10am with the homeopath.

Cats are not normally fasted for any reason other than pre-surgery. When she had dental surgery in May she was fasted except for water & she vomited clear foam right before going into the clinic :sad:.

Originally Posted by lm9012 View Post
I wasn't aware that it could hurt if you start too early.
I read it on 1 site, the theory is if the kidneys are still somewhat doing their job, adding extra fluid via subq is making them work even harder but then I've read accounts like yours where the fluids included given early are dropping the numbers.

Originally Posted by lm9012 View Post
Creatinine and BUN, and phosphorous have dropped. They are still not 'normal' but at least they are getting closer. He gets ZERO bones. Luckily Duffy's phos counts aren't you don't need to worry about watching the phosphorous as much or having to use a binder.

Maybe consider fasting her for this next round just to see?

it is hard for me to read your results, since mine are tallied differently. We go by mg units here. Once creatinine reaches 3.0mg, the kidneys have lost 75% of their function, which is right where Al is right now. :sad: But I am very happy that things are being controlled for now and I know she will do just great!
Yes I'm very happy her phos, calcuim & potassium levels have stayed in the middle of normal range

Her results for the last test in US values are:
BUN 58.54 mg/dl
crea 3.64 mg/dl
phos 4.95 mg/dl
calcuim 10.16 mg/dl
potassium 4.5 mEq/l

Here is a great site for conversions:

I'm glad Al is so good about being poked all the time & loving the squash. I don't have a microwave so the baby food works well in that regard & Duffy started refusing to eat w/the butternut squash in her food so I keep it frozen & pill it w/the other supplements she gets.

I'll consider the heating pad hmmmm maybe even just for me

Originally Posted by lm9012 View Post
Please give Duffy a big kiss for me and tell her that we are all very proud of her and to keep fighting! With her wonderful mom at her side she will be just fine.
Please keep us posted on her progress. We are all rooting for her!
And you give Al a kiss from me, & the same sentiments to you. Keep me updated on how he's doing too.
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