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Hi Growler! Glad to hear Duffy is doing well despite the resent Creatinine finds.

do you fast Duffy before the blood is drawn? I found that if Al is fasted, I get more accurate results. Sometimes the results would just be nutty and the vets always say not to worry about fasting..but if we should fast before we have bloodwork just makes sense! eating a cookie right before can give you the results of a diabetic! so regardless of what the vets say, I always schedule the appointments for as early as possible in the morning and feed him around 10 pm the night before. I also don't give him any sub-q fluids a few days before..anything to not skew the results. So I'm glad you'll retake them. It's better just to make sure!

I only have my dog as a frame of reference...but this is what works for me. I'm glad Duffy doesn't need the sub q's yet. I wasn't aware that it could hurt if you start too early. Unfortunately, since Al's disease is the time he was diagnosed (through routine bloodwork...he had no clinical signs of sickness) his numbers were fairly elevated..and kept crawling up. My vet would say 'this is normal, the disease is progressing, nothing you can do'..blah blah blah!! so we had to start the subq's fairly quickly.

Why is it then that since November Alberts numbers have DROPPED???? HA! we showed them! I know the disease isn't curable, and that eventually he will get sick, but I'm living day to day enjoying him and the numbers and his physical state don't lie. So I focus on that. Creatinine and BUN, and phosphorous have dropped. They are still not 'normal' but at least they are getting closer. He gets ZERO bones. Luckily Duffy's phos counts aren't you don't need to worry about watching the phosphorous as much or having to use a binder.

Maybe consider fasting her for this next round just to see?

it is hard for me to read your results, since mine are tallied differently. We go by mg units here. Once creatinine reaches 3.0mg, the kidneys have lost 75% of their function, which is right where Al is right now. :sad: But I am very happy that things are being controlled for now and I know she will do just great!

All we can do is stay positive right?! How brave our babies are huh? I am in awe at what a good boy Al is, letting me poke him every weekend, sitting still for 30 minutes while he gets his fluids..he can be a brat about the pills sometimes, but we make it work! The fluids truly help though..just recently he got into Khloe's food and had bad diarrhea & was vomiting..A good flush with the subq's..and he was like new! literally went from moping around to being all cheery and jumpy.

The wet heat therapy is simply a moist heat heating pad that I place on his body over the kidneys. It's supposed to relax the organs and help with tension and stress. I can't exactly quantify the results..he is doing very well and I believe it's a combination of everything and plain ol' luck. So I can't say, oh the heat is doing it! who knows! every bit helps though!

I had read about hydrotherapy helping dogs with CRF, basically running hot water down their bodies..I figured instead of wasting water, why not use the pad. Moist heat does get absorbed faster. My mom has chronic muscle pain and the moist heating pad is a godsend to her. He likes it! since it's more cuddle time with mommy! I am interested in that Zoom Groom...the hair is an issue for us it would be a multipurpose tool!
I use the Furminator on him and Khloe right now, plus my boyfriend trims him up with doggie clippers every few's barely controlled though. I've just accepted the hair!

about the spaghetti is a godsend! at least of me that I have to monitor every gram of phosphorous albert gets. If you aren't familiar with it, it's yellow and is shaped like a small watermelon. I just poke holes in it and microwave the thing..the skin is very tough to try to cut through to steam or boil it. It's extremely once it's soft enough..i can cut through it and just use a spoon or fork and scrape the insides and the come out like strings of spaghetti...hence the name! I always try to get the raw stuff...since I make a big 12 lb's just easier for me. That way I control all the ingredients.

Luckily, he really likes the recipe and I really don't change it except for the squash, he gets whatever is in season/on sale. He really doens't care that it doesn't change. Which is good for me. With prices going up on's easier to stick to the one recipe and it has become second nature now. LOL on the freezer being taken up by their food instead of ours! isn't that the truth!! I do sometimes wish I could pop open a can and just feed him...but he is worth the extra effort. It's hard on my hands to debone the chicken and most butchers only have one grinding machine and don't want to risk cross contamination with the I sit there and chop it all up by hand..the ground beef can be a hassle sometimes too..since he needs the highest fat content possible. If you could only see the looks I get from the butchers when I'm knocking on their back door DEMANDING the 70/30 beef when I only see 80 and above!! They're like 'lady, you don't need any more fat..stick to the lower fat version!!'...then i say "it isn't for ME, it's for MY DOG!!"

Please give Duffy a big kiss for me and tell her that we are all very proud of her and to keep fighting! With her wonderful mom at her side she will be just fine.
Please keep us posted on her progress. We are all rooting for her!
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