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Originally Posted by Remy21 View Post
Thanks for all the support everyone. We had him euthanized on Feb. 27 at 6:00pm. It was really hard to do and I stayed with him through the entire thing but deep down I knew he wasn't going to get any better. I don't think he was in pain yet but I didn't want him to be in any either. I'm really going to miss him.
I found your post when i search in google "my cats back legs are weak" I read your whole post...My heart goes out to you. *hugs and i would like to say Thank You for the post.

On a personal side I'm 23 weeks pregnant and my cat (patches aka patcho). 6 years of age has started showing the samething, however not eating kitty litter. My boyfriend was spinning the cat on the wood floor Tuesday morning and nothing seemed to be wrong <-- inmature for 32.
Yesterday i noticed he's limping with his back left and front right. Patches is a indoor cat as well I've check all this paws for anything that might be sticking him, an nothing. Patcho is eating and drinking.
I only noticed it today that Pacho was having a hard time standing and limp's when moving around. He rather sit then stand. I'm going to give it until Friday and if he doesnt get any better im going to take him in...I've been off work for over two months due to this pregnancy and the money isnt there for me to ba able to take him in....Why is it always like this.

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