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Originally Posted by Lissa View Post
For a sporting dog, that is actually not a lot of exercise IMO. Also, since you do not mention mental stimulation, I would wager that part of the problem is boredom.

Freedom to come and go as she pleases (and reward herself with barking/charging) is the problem. She has yet to earn that privilege!

I am surprise that "claiming the fence" makes sense now when in your second post it was something you have already tried unsuccesfully.

Good luck and I hope you find something that works.
i think that is plenty of exercise, 1.5 hours of walking? good lord, thats enough for any dog. thats a good 4-5 miles a day.

maybe the OP had tried but hadnt stuck with the exercise and followed through until the dog had calmed down to an acceptable level? if you dont follow through of course it wont work.

mental stimulation can be something as simple as keeping a heel position on a walk, an out of control walk, is not mental stimulation at least as i understand it.

also, a challenge like giving the fence up would be IMMENSE mental stimulation and challenge, especially since the behavior seems to be ingrained in the dogs mind.
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