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Originally Posted by Lissa View Post
Perhaps you haven't delt with extremely reactive/fixated dogs? It is quite easy for a dog to ignore you or find your presence reinforcing when they are zoned in on their trigger.

Actually there usually is. Aside from needing a more sacred command than "come" (which is often overused)... teaching a new command builds value for the relationship and in my experience, spending a little extra time with your dog is all that is necessary to solve behaviour problems.

IMO dogs bark because its self-rewarding not because they think they control everything. Dogs IMO aren't on a power trip, they are simply doing what works.

I said a few barks in... Most people do not have impeccable timing and it will happen. It's not the end of the world and since the trigger isn't going away the barking is not working on any level. Eventually the dog will realize what works and what doesn't, even if they manage to get a bark or 2 in. The idea is to focus on what you want not what you don't want. I didn't say reward while she is manic barking.

lissa...come on now...

after reading all my posts i would think you would know how reactive my dog can be..and about cassius in a nutshell when we walk.

dogs barking is one thing, charging of the gate is a different story. the dog is definitely trying to control the situation. saying dogs arent on a power trip CAN be true. But if the dog is a natural born alpha-dog, it is FAR from true.

spending time with the dog is always great

spending time with the dog and not addressing what you consider misbehaving does not solve anything IMO

training the good in your dog is always the best option, but you, again IMO, MUST address the bad as well, otherwise you arent doing justice by your dog. someone must tell him when he is wrong too, especially since ignoring this behavior (the golden "correction" in +R) will have ZERO effect on this situation.

+R cannot solve all behavior problems, thats just how it goes. it should be the first step and method attempted, as well as setting the dog up for success, but some times a dog needs to know something IS bad, and HE is bad at times too.

just how i feel.
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