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Question Outside Not Going Well

Well thks to all who have helped me thus far I appreciate it! We had the pup to the vet and it seems the little guy is farther along than what we were told he 10-12 weeks, good and healthy though! The issue we are having now is that were trying to train him to go outside. My wife and i take him out often throughout the day and night times or after a meal or playing. But he will not go outside to eliminate, we bring one of the pee pads with us and he sniffs it but still will not go. We only keep hime outside on a leash with us for 5 mins because we are told to keep it strictly business with him, all he does though is either lie in the grass or try to eat the grass that's it. Sometimes will be back in the house and not 5 or 10 mins later he'll go either on the inside pee pad or on the kit flr. What can we do or is this just a time thing that we'll have to wait out? thks
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