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Originally Posted by kigndano View Post
i totally agree with your logic for a command to usefor when people are there, but a standard recall command should work there, no need to train a new one right?
BUT that doesnt help if no one is around.

it also does nothing in the dogs mind to change her feeling that she has to control the gate. THAT is the issue here IMO, the dog feels that she is controlling the entrance to the house when she should KNOW that the humans control it.

just my but i dont feel like a command will do the trick.
I agree it doesn't help if no one is around but dogs shouldnt be left in yard unattended for extended periods of time - as in long and often enough to feel they control the gate.

This dog does sound bored and it sounds like it is guarding the gate, the dog needs to know this isn't their job, and that starts in the house and all other aspects of the dogs daily routin.

Once you've burnt off the energy, leash the dog, stand in the driveway and correct unwanted behavior with a gentle correction and a word like "enough". If its a long drive - teach them to stay on the steps and not even approach the gate. Dogs who guard and become possesive need a leader who will do this for them so they dont have to. You should look up N.I.L.F., its an excellent way for you and your family to learn how to be leaders.

My dog charges at the mail man, we work with her as oftens as possible and if we can't be out there at mail time - she's inside with us.
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