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An update after our vet visit on Wednesday.....Duffy is doing great, Dr says all her spinal points and her kidney points are really good - no signs of energy blockage . A very slight sensitivity in the bladder. He said if he did know that she had CRF energy-wise he wouldn't be able to tell. Dr also said she is one of the healthiest cats he sees. Took blood & urine samples for testing, results are in - the lab is using a new chemistry analyzer which has new reference ranges - very very minor rise in the BUN (higher is bad) but not unexpected, the creatinine is a puzzle though nearly a 100 point jump higher than 5 months ago . Albumin was 1 point higher than normal which is rarely seen unless dehydrated & was normal last test.

Dr called today to discuss the results, we will recheck the blood work in 2 weeks to see if there is progression then or if the numbers drop back to a more "acceptable" level - possible cause dehydration although she has been drinking well & Dr likes her water balance. Wondering about the levels toxins that caused this I've emailed RC about getting a copy of the toxicology report on the food they fork it over.

Her Creatine Phosphokinase (CK aka CPK) value was really good too right in the middle of normal- this sometimes will spike very high when animals are stressed by being held for blood draws at the vets. CK is often used as an indicator for damage to muscle, muscle breakdown, heart attack, acute renal failure {NOT CRF} but in most cases it rises only because of stress. You should see how calm she is at that clinic quite a visible difference from the conventional vets - not to say she freaked out there but definately wanted to leave asap, not so @ the homeopath ~ she's content to lay in the middle of the consult room just hanging out

All other numbers are great well within normal, most slightly lower values than last test - no biggie there, good actually. Phosphorus, calcium, potassium all middle of the range. Ca:Phos ratio not quite 2:1 but staying pretty close.

I asked what he thought about starting subq fluids, he said it is not necessary right now - her water balance is really good.

Dr checked her teeth & gums, no sensitivity or problems after the dental. I can start her on some beginner recreational raw meaty bones to help keep her teeth clean. Will pick some up on the weekend.

Was given instructions for a repeat of a remedy we have used before.

With the blood work retesting in 2 weeks we will be discussing further treatment options, increasing frequency possibly adding new ones.

Duffy's such a good grrl laying in front of the fan to keep cool not showing signs of anything wrong.
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