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I think you're on the right track, keeping her inside, and stimulating her as much as possible. You want her to be attached to you and that takes time. But with the purring and liking to be touched, it sounds like she's on her way. She'll warm up to your husband too, don't worry about that. I don't imagine there were many men prowling around her previous residence In fact, the different noise level alone may be temporarily freaking her out.

Once you see signs that she is settling down, happy to be in the same room with you if not in your lap and even asking for affection (the first hip check always makes me swoon), I don't see why she couldn't be transitioned back to going outside. I've often longed for a cat door but in a way it gives them too much autonomy. jmo.

But keep her in for a good few days at least, I would anyway. If she cries, ignore her or distract her. Let her explore anywhere it's safe (unless you are out, then she goes back in her suite).
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