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Cats don't like change, that's for sure. especially from what sounds to be a very quiet home, to one that has more activity. It sounds like she is scared and it will take some time for her to be comfortable. Does she have a covered box or some type of covered bed so she can hide in the laundry room? How big is the laundry room, maybe it is too small and she feels much too scared when somebody comes into the room, especially if there is no place to hide.

I do recommend she stay locked into a room (especially during busy times in the house) with short supervised times to roam the house when it is quiet in the house (and when the escape window is closed, lol). Don't pick her up or follow her, but allow her to come to you and your family. Eventually you will find she will get used to her new home and being inside. I find sitting on the floor makes humans seem less intimidating to cats, so you can try that too, perhaps with some treats in your hand or a toy.

Even though you think it quiet where you live, there are always predators that come out at night so Lucy is safer to be indoor only, with supervised outside time during the day. It is up to you to ensure she is safe, even if she doesn't like it at first (think of teenagers and how angry they get at their moms)

Good luck and we sure would love to see some pictures of Lucy and your dog.
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