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I think some dogs have "weaker nerves", and are deeply sensitive...our sensitive girl, Jaida, displays her stress or anxiety through her eating habits. She's an ok eater on a good day, but when she's feeling out of sort, either in pain (she has a lot joint issues) or stressed about something in her environment (usually her humans acting stressed out over stupid things...she's extremely sensitive to any negative emotions in the house, even if it's not being directed at her in any way), it's very difficult to get her to eat...she won't come to her usual feeding station, or will come over, have a look, then just lie down next to the dish. When she's really not feeling herself, we find it helpful to let her eat where she's feeling comfortable (usually under the coffee's her den...much like your pup's crate) and to use really high-value food, not her regular kibble (so, like canned food, or something like cooked or raw chicken or fish). There have been times where she really has no interest in eating at all, and I will hand feed her during those occasions. She's such a skinny little whip, she doesn't have much in the way of reserve there. Happily, she's been feeling quite good the past few weeks and has eaten her regular kibble with gusto, at her regular feeding station Be patient, be calm, and I like to praise her after she's had a good meal (she always gives me a wag and a smile after that)'ll find something that works for both of you. I don't see any reason why you can't feed her in her crate if she feels safe and secure there...I know many people who feed their dogs there.
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