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Try putting a leash on her and give her the 'come' or 'here' command. Ensure that you are kneeling at first. She probably will not respond so gently 'reel' in the leash (not an extend-a-lead please). When she is in front of you, give her a treat or toy (whatever she cherishes most). Since she is a little skiddish do not go over board with enthusiasm but do tell her she is a good girl.? She will learn to associate 'here' with something positive. This may take time, but it is worth it.
Thank you, we will try this. It had not occurred to us to get down to her level. We have tried leash training but that has been a disaster but your suggestions sounds like a much better approach than what we have tried.

As far as the food thing you got me there. How is she now with food? I am very curious about this one. Maybe do not feed the food near the crate. She seems to have a cowering effect when near the crate perhaps
I have tried putting the food near the crate, away from the crate - nothing seems to work. It is like something triggered some old behavior...

The only past history we know for sure is that she was at a human society for approx. 6 months where she cowered in the back of her cage. The HS called a dog foster home. The dog foster home had homed her several times but she was always returned to the foster home. That went on for about another 6 months. My wife has obedience trained many dogs but she is at a complete loss with this one. The only thing that has seemed to work so far is lots of love and acceptance with very light training.

Suzie is not leash trained and panics when a leash is put on her, whether on a collar or harness. She will go to my wife first thing in the morning and give her exactly four licks on her hand but no more. Four is the magic number. lol. We have read about the breed and many of her behaviors are consistent with typical problem behaviors for this breed. But we have not read anything anywhere about the issue with food.
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