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She still does not come to us. She will tolerate us petting her if she is in her crate where she sleeps, otherwise she will not.QUOTE]

Try putting a leash on her and give her the 'come' or 'here' command. Ensure that you are kneeling at first. She probably will not respond so gently 'reel' in the leash (not an extend-a-lead please). When she is in front of you, give her a treat or toy (whatever she cherishes most). Since she is a little skiddish do not go over board with enthusiasm but do tell her she is a good girl.

She will learn to associate 'here' with something positive. This may take time, but it is worth it.

As far as the food thing you got me there. How is she now with food? I am very curious about this one. Maybe do not feed the food near the crate. She seems to have a cowering effect when near the crate perhaps?
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