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Foster so Desperately Needed!!!!

Lordy, Lordy Where do they all come from? Steri-Animal is desperate for Fosters. I have just trapped 2 kittens and am adding them to my brood, my adoption partner has just taken in 4 whose mother was killed by a car, another one of our volunteers has just taken in 5 more and then I get this email.

Can anyone help?

Here are some important points:

Because this cat family is situated very close to a major boulevard in Saint-Laurent (opposite Vanier College and about 40 feet from Ste-Croix boulevard) we have to move fast to get the kittens out of there!

Descriptions: the mother is a short-haired, pretty, petite, affectionate cat that is a mixture of tabby and dilute tortoise-shell. There are four short-haired kittens about 6 weeks old and similar to the mother in colouring although one is darker.

Jean is willing to take in one kitten and I am willing to take in the mother but we are desperate to find foster homes for the other three babies.

Please contact me through a Private Message.

"I love cats because I love my home and a little by little they become its visible soul." -Jean Cocteau, French poet
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