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I have a shepherd that went through seizures out of the blue

Hi sorry to hear your baby dog ,has had the seizure that he had ,but i hope that he had no more. My german shepherd of 10 yrs had two isolated seizures within weeks of each other ,but then had collapsed after having another ,then continued to be followed by 4 more including a grand mal seizure.This may be way off ,from what is wrong with your doggy but i felt on the slight chance is wasnt i would tell you about my Tess's experience.
Her pcv (packed cell volume)red blood cell percentage was way too high(revealed by a specific blood works).Which meant that there was little room for oxygen to flow through her blood thus the seizures. This is known as erythrocytosis or polycythemia vera. The hard part was finding out what the cause was as it could have been tumour induced,there were also other possibilities but as it turns out tess's is from bone m arrow cancer,which sounds awful,and beleive in the begining it was very scary but so far tess's has had 7oomls of blood drained to reduce to pcv twice and remains on hydrea a form of chemo.BUT MY TESS IS BACK TO HER OLD SELF JUST NEEDS WEEKLY MONITORING AS ITS ONLY BEEN ABOUT4-6 WEEKS. This is a very rare disease diagnosed through a process of elimination,which is why every chance i get i tell someone about it.Just the same i hope your baby isnt suffering and that all turns out ok .

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