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Originally Posted by 8ball View Post
arm cat
She's on Eukanuba Adult Indoor Weight Control & Hairball Formula for Cats
dry food, she's been on this food for about 2 and a half years. My other 2 cats are on the Purina Cat Chow Indoor Formula, which seems to be working good for them. The oldest cat is a short hair black and white, and the youngest is long haired (brown and white.)
There is no reason you can't change all of your cat's food to something better. I'm going to be blunt, but both of the brands you're feeding are pretty bad and is no doubt the reason the one has dandruff. I'd even go so far as to say that if you don't change their food, you're going to end up with worse problems than just dandruff. Like diabetes, kidney/bladder/urinary tract disease, allergies, dental problems, obesity, or inflammatory bowel disease.

First of all, while there is no kibble that is actually good for cats (it's merely a human convenience, nothing more), the "weight control" and "indoor" formulas are particularly horrid for a carnivore. They have even more grains and carbohydrates than regular food (up to 50%), and cats should be eating very little or NO grains. It's the carb content of food that makes them fat in the first place. And also gives them diabetes and dental disease.

It's the extreme dryness of kibble (less than 10% moisture) that has enormous potential for causing all the kidney and urinary tract problems that cats are so prone to. They evolved in the desert getting most of their water needs met through the prey they eat (which are about 60-80% moisture). Consequently, their thirst drive is very low and by the time they're thirsty enough to drink, they're already dehydrated. A cat fed only kibble is chronically dehydrated, no matter how much water you see it drinking. This places enormous strain on the kidneys. It also results in very concentrated urine where crystal formation becomes a problem (blocking urinary tracts in males, causing bladder irritation and infection in females).

So what should you feed instead? WET FOOD!!! A good quality, low-carb and preferably grain-free canned food with minimal by-products (unless you want to be even more adventurous and make the leap to a raw diet - but that takes considerably more research). Something like Wellness, Nature's Variety, By Nature, Innova Evo 95% meat. Other good ones are Merrick, Precise, Eagle Pack, Natural Balance, and even some of the gluten-free Fancy Feast flavours if you need help convincing your cats that canned food is edible.

There is some really great reading on the feline diet at this website, with tips on how to transition your cats to wet food. Also this link goes into more detail on why dry food makes cats fat in the first place. Please do all your cats a favour and feed them something that helps them thrive, not merely survive.
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