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Crazy, eh? I honestly didn't believe them when they told me! lol I thought the swab must have been contaminated or something. I read up on it online, and it said that there have only been 65 cases known of people getting it. Figures, one in a billion chance at getting something and she gets it! None of my dogs even got it off of the puppies! Her last bug she got was even more rare. Some bizarre form of staff they only discovered in a person two years ago! Our place is being sold, so we are going to have to move, so we are looking for a place that would be suitable for us to be able to have a separate animal area if it comes to that. Not that my dogs are good guard dogs, but it just struck me how unsafe it will feel not to have the dogs around the kids in the main part of the house, let alone the rest of what will come with a permanent separation.
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