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Min Pins

I love this forum!!! I can't thank you enough for all your advise. When I was researching different breeds (I looked at many) I wanted a min pin because of it's size (not too big), seemed like a spunky dog (lots of energy), they are adorable, have a good life span, and from what I read (depending on the breeder) they seemed to be quite healthy dogs. One of the breeders I was looking into buying a min pin from has a website that includs personal messages and photos of people who now own one of their min pins. My heart just melted when I read about how much they love their doggies and the special bond they have - not to mention the pictures awwwww too cute I tell ya. I was invited to go down this weekend to see a new litter and if interested in a pup, to put down my deposit, but I wanted to be 110% sure this is the type of dog for me, so I decided to first try to find a pet forum and see what others had to say. All I can say is I'm so glad I did as I learned so much. I have nothing against owning an older dog but I really have my heart set on a puppy. I'm in no rush, I'll continue looking until I find one for me. Take care everyone.
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