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I'm new on this forum , just want to say hello.

I was meant to have animals and I know this because as soon as one leaves to go to a Better Place, two more show up at my doorstep and refuse to leave, so there are seldom vacancies here for long. They almost all tend to live looooong lives so I am of course constantly in the midst of some geriatric crises,some of which are my own. Theirs, of course, are infinitely more important than mine. My current babies are all strays. The most senior among them is Maggie my 17-year-old calico, who has had cancer (maybe) for a year, who I found in a dumpster as a tiny kitten. Then Millicent, a probably 12-year-old chow/pit bull mix who gets along pretty well and seldom complains about her considerable arthritis. I've had her for about 9 years, picked her up off the road on my way to work one day. Peanut came next, a part poodle also about 11 or 12, she was found in an alley in a storm one night about 9 years ago. Then Jake, an Austrian Shepherd who came to our house about 6 years ago just determined he would be living here, sick with heartworms but doing fine now albeit a little asthmatic at times. Then there's our big cat Fritzi, our inheritance from my mother-in-law who peacefully passed away in her late 80's about six years ago. There would be more but I can barely afford medical care for the ones I have!!! Every time I turn around I hear it's time for another dental for somebody! Having all these old boys and girls, I decided it's time to be looking for people who care and can help me get through the inevitable crises we all have to face. And anyway, I love animal stories and I love to tell mine. Good to be here...Please let me know if I do anything wrong! Mili
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