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I really hate to burst your bubble regarding this breed, because they truly are wonderful, and I wouldn't trade my two for anything. What would be worst though, would be falling in love with a dog which did not suite your lifestyle and having to part with it. I commend you on doing your research and taking the responses to your post seriously. Unfortunately, there are many people who acquire dogs because of the way they look, instead of doing what you have done and asked questions.

I can honestly say that after having dogs for as long as I have....these two little monkeys I have now, have been by far the most challenging. And I've had alot of dogs . It's embarrassing sometimes how badly behaved they can be, but on another note...they are the most loving.

I really feel bad to dissuade you from the dog you are drawn to...but in all honestly I feel an easier breed more suitable for you in your position. There are alot of wonderful dogs out there that will be just perfect for you. AND we all want to see pictures!
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