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Originally Posted by Puss'FavPerson View Post
Cookie's really gobbling up the Merrick's ones now.

Originally Posted by Puss'FavPerson View Post
These aren't specifically marketed as "kitten" food, but they're okay for her growth needs, right?
Merrick is fine for kittens. The whole "life stages" concept of feeding is really just a marketing ploy. As long as she's eating enough of a good quality food to meet her growth needs, there's no need for kitten food (which if you look at the nutritional analysis of most of them, they don't tend to be hugely different anyway). Think of cats in "the wild": kittens eat the same thing as the adults, just more of it in proportion to their size. There are no mice or birds specifically formulated for "kittens", or "seniors", or "siamese", or "persians".

Originally Posted by Puss'FavPerson View Post
PS ... she's still jumping up on the counter, but I think it's become a "hey, look what I can do!" kind of thing now!
Adda girl! What a little show-off.
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