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Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
Macie seems to be develping chronic problems with her right ear and I'm debating trying some coconut oil...but I'm confused by two things:

1) It's saturated...and below 76 F, it's solid? If applied topically to ears, do you have to melt it to get it into the canal? Or do you just rub some of the cocoa butter in the ear and let the body warmth do the rest?

2) Teri, are you saying that Lucy takes hers by mouth and it still helps her ears? This would be perfect for us...

My main concern is, actually, Lil Belle. She's already licking Macie's ear raw if we don't watch her constantly...I'm afraid that if we use the coconut oil in that ear, Lil Belle will find it even tastier. Does anyone have any input on how the other dogs of a multidog family react to the topical application of coconut oil?

It melts just with body heat Hazel and fast, I have to move quick to get it into Fagan's mouth before it drips off my finger! And I am giving it to Fagan orally and it seems to be helping a lot with the itchies he gets. Oh and if topically, you really do need to cover it with something or keep her away from the others at least for a few minutes.... when I tried it on Fagan's belly he licked it off seconds later! It just tastes too good!
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