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I imagine that is the bad cooking oil kind then Chico, from what I read up above...

I just bought some here at a health food store.... it's clearly labelled Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Certified Organic and on the nutrition label, there are 0g of trans fats. Does yours have a nutrition label? I would think if it says there are trans fats in yours then it's not the one to give to Rocky. Oh and I paid $24.40 for the 475mL jar. Been using it a couple of weeks now and hardly even made a dent yet.

We started slow here, first Fagan just licked some off my finger, now we are up to his whole tsp.... and the odd lick out of the jar! So far he has had no problems with the runs at all. (And I've even had some success using it on a few really dry patches of skin myself!)
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