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Originally Posted by Chase_Mom View Post
PUPPY!!! And that is a very sweet-looking boy you've got too!

More pictures PLEASE!
Thank you He is a pretty sweet kid. LOL... both of them. I'll try to find some pics of when we first got Odin. Its amazing how much he's grown in just two months! He's already 3/4 of the size of our other dog Loki (she stands about 22 inches at the shoulder!).
These are recent photos:

These are from when we first got him:

We are so impressed with them both. We could not have asked for better, more suited dogs for this family. They are such angels. Loki was picked up as a stray and she had been at the shelter for months before she came to us. She took to Owen right away. He can wrestle with her and use her as a pillow and she is soooo patient with him. Almost like he is her puppy! And when Odin came along, it was the same thing. It was nothing to train her either. Literally, she had all the basics down pat in just two days! Odin isn't as quick, but he is coming along quite nicely too.
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