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Good on ya, growler ! You're doing a grrrreat job !

Comments/queries - How long has Miss Duffy been on raw food? Was it difficult to switch her from her previous food(s)? I tried my crew on it some years ago, due to advertised health benefits, etc, and they point blank refused to eat it, even snuck in with their usual food.

Flax seeds for motility - will ask about that instead of Heavy Duty Med for same, for Susie.

Re: Zoom Groom - a friend recommended I get one - Sheena loves it, Wally tolerates it, and Susie hates it. Go figure. I'm glad it's made a significant difference for Duffy, though.

If you get to needing sub-q fluids (hope not , but the old Boy Scout motto is good - Be Prepared), you have my "user's guide to this particular galaxy", either on Duffy's site or on Susie's site, can't remember which, for future reference.

Your Doc Dobias is very wise - "the numbers" only give part of the story - most of the story you can see in Duffy's appearance, behaviour and habits. In any case, hope the numbers are favourable, when you have that done.

Take care ! 3KM
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