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My two mini-pins are the love of my life (my husband's too). Val and Ceasar do not tend to bark a lot unless provoked (ie "outsiders" and "strangers") however, they sit on the top of the couch, and watch out the front door at times to "keep tabs on the neighborhood"; in essence, they are our "protectors". Neither dog has ever tried to jump from the window of the car, but Ceasar DOES tend to get awful close to the window while we're driving; I keep his leash intact when he's that close...dread the thought if we took a corner too quickly, and he fell out. They all have different personalities (just like anything else)...Ceasar will sit next to me, but not on me, but Valentine would love to lay on one of us at all times. They both tend to "dig" into the sheets/blankets/towels, and Ceasar actually put a whole into an old couch (but there had been previous dogs on it previous to our ownership), so that could be something to pay attn to. I can't give you any suggestions on breeders; we rec'd Valentine from a friend, and then had her bred, which gave us Ceasar (and his brother who went to a friend). Good luck. They are amazing babies.
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