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Looking to own a Min Pin

I am looking at owning my first doggie - a min pin. I know they are very energetic etc... (so am I LOL) I've done quite a bit of reading about this breed although I still have some concerns and questions.

I live in an apartment building on the top floor -
#1 - I'm a little worried about my neighbours and barking. Are min pins prone to do a lot of barking? I've read on some sites that they bark quite a bit - is this true? Or do they only bark when they hear sounds? (mailman, elevator etc..)

#2 - I cant say I would not be nervous about being so high up as I have a balcony I've read that min pins are prone to jump up and that they are really quick and sneaky. Of course I would be very careful although I'd still be nervous about the height and every time I open the balcony door.

I have done some research but I'm having a tough time. I came across what seems like a very reputable breeder in Ontario that has a litter available next spring but they already have a full waiting list~sigh~.

There is one other which seems reputable- well from their website but I still would prefer the first one as they offered to take back the pooch should there be any health risks or if I would not be able to care for the dog whereas the other breeder does not state this anywhere on their website or in the email I received.

Any advise or comments from someone who has a min pin would be greatly appreciated. I really want to make 100% sure that this is the type of dog for me. Thank you in advance for your help.
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