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Smile Hi, I am the owner of a kitten

My name is Marina and I live in Clarksville, TN.
We have had our kitten Kitty Garfield almost 1 month now.
I found this site because of Sarah McLaughlin's ad on TV and then I registered. When we found our kitten she was homeless and in a tree. My daughter helped her out of the tree. Someone had dropped off a box of beautiful orange Garfield colored kittens in the trailer park we live here. We found this information out later - about the drop off. Kitty G is now about 4 months of age and today we took her for her distemper and rabies shots. One lady at the Vets office commented that Kitty G has a beautiful face for a cat and she is a beautiful cat. I agree with that of course. This lady works for a local volunteer place where they help homeless cats and kittens called Cats R Us. They also take in abandoned dogs also but their focus is on cats and kittens - to get them homes. I also have decided to help Cats R Us in their work to help pets. Right now I know 3 homeless female cats with kittens so if anyone knows a good home for the cats and their kittens in TN near Clarksville please let me know.
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