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I'm very very big on spay and neuter. I've acutally had my mother throw things at me and slap me across the face for yelling at her about how irresponcible she is for not even letting ME pay to have a dog who we never intend on breeding, fixed. (And if she did, I'd have something very hard to wack my mother with in the head to hopefully knock some sence into her as this particular dog has a LOT of hip and knee problems) Don't think I just let these things go so easy. All my animals are fixed as early as possible. If they're of breeding age, thats too old to be intact IMO.

I'm not saying I don't agree with you but it's pretty rude to come onto her post about her cats death and everyone tell her how irresponcible she is when someone in the post before hers freaking ran over their own cat because they were "irresponcible" enough to let it outdoors. But of course I'd be jumped on if I said that on their post. At least have the decency to send her a private message. We all make mistakes, we all have flaws and we certainally all don't know everything. She's learning, she's trying...At least let her mourn her poor cat without having to feel like she's the only person who's ever had something bad happen that could have been prevented and making sure EVERYONE see's what you have to say.
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