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Leo is gorgeous - you're both lucky to have found each other. I agree that obedience training is the first step. It's hugely beneficial to bonding and respect. It teaches you more than the dog. I have a lab X who loves to pull and we use a halti and lots of treats. I keep cookies in my pockets to distract her in extreme situations, and it works well. Leo will get the idea of paying more attention to you as he settles in to his new life. Right now it's all just so darn new and interesting - how could he not be totally fixated on finding out all about it. Your patience will be rewarded in time. Thank you fo rescuing him, you'll never regret it. When looking for an obedience class, ask to go and watch one in progress. Some store settings are awful, the trainers are just staff and have no training experience, and any class that isn't entirely positive reinforcement is not a good plan.
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