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I am sooo glad I waited for the results of Pepper's blood work before acting on my urge to have her giant lipoma removed. Pepper's results came back on Friday and she is now showing signs of Kidney disease with her creatinine elevated and other kidney blood work were all not good. Her Thyroid function is also affected with her results in the below normal range. It made me almost cry to think I would have put her through major surgery only to have her die on the table. It may not have happened, but the more bad results I hear from her vet exam and blood work the more I think I would have lost her during the surgery.

We have now put her on a kidney diet and will be retesting her thyroid function in a few months. We have also added metacam for her joint pain as the previcox made her vomit with every pill. I now hope she lives a year or two with the new diet and medication and know she will be happier without major surgery to remove her lump. Yes she might live longer with the surgery, but I also might have lost her then too. I think my instincts told me that her health was not as good as what it appeared to be and I know if her blood work had come back normal I would have sent her for the surgery without hesitation. She is a lovely dog and I am going to enjoy having her with me for as long as she lives. Hopefully she won't suffer with the size of the lipoma, but in actual fact she is now more active since it has dropped down her side and she seems to be enjoying life much more.

I would like to thank Dr Lee for his opinion and help with her Giant Lipoma. Maybe if she had been mine when she was younger I would have caught the lipoma much earlier and followed up with the surgery. I have experience with older dogs having surgery as my previous dog had surgery when she was 9 and then again when she was 12 1/2. It was my gut feeling that this would go wrong right from the start that stopped me.

I went with my gut instincts when making this decision and I believe I have been rewarded with a wonderful ESS for longer than she would have lasted if I had made the decision to have her operated on. I have always tended to listen to my gut instincts and they have usually told me what I need to do.

Thanks to everyone who gave me advise for Pepper. If anyone has any experience with kidney disease in a dog, please feel free to comment.
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