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Update as requested :)

Duffy is doing great, loving her raw food diet - though I'm sure she would prefer less Bison not too fond of the red meat unless cooked

As of yet she doesn't need subq fluids I'm hoping that can be held off for a while yet

The apartment is as calm & serene as can be made with other people on the other side of the walls/door No loud parties or screaming kids running around. Duffy likes to go out on the balcony & watch the world go by , she has lots of favorite spots for & comes for cuddles often.

Duffy's tortitude gets that grrl whatever she wants

As for the above posts re flax seed for motility it is working great, she hasn't had any problems with constipation since we started the flax seed so we'll see if she still needs a protein sensitivity test

Re: her dental cleaning/extractions - no issues there everything went great, no complications

She still demands! her Zoom Groom brushings helping to relieve the tension around the kidneys & she loves them, the brushing showed a great improvement @ her last appointment

We have an appointment for an exam, blood & urine work in early August so we'll know how her numbers are doing then.
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