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Smile Hiya growler!

Happy Sunday to growler and other kitty/doggy Moms and Dads -

Growler - How is Duffy???[COLOR="Blue"]Could we have a progress report on how she is doing, tortitude and all ???Hope she is "in the pink" and relaxed and enjoying life.Because you are so connected to your kidlet, if she is doing well, so are you, which is very important !

I have a funny story to tell you, and other Kitty Moms and Dads:

My 3 Purry Furries don't all share the same territory. Susie (my ostensibly pretty sick kitty), lives in the living room, with the door closed. Wally and Sheena wander around the house. When Wally, particularly, is out on the deck, with the screen door closed, I let Susie wander around the house.

Yesterday, when I came home, I gave them all a little dish of fresh BBQ chicken, one of their very favourite things. For Wally and Sheena, on the kitchen floor, for Susie, "in her room". Wally and Sheena ate a little of theirs and then both went out onto the deck (door closed.) Susie ate all of hers, then I let her out to walk around the house while I was resting.

After a while, I heard a little hissing from the kitchen, but knew that Wally and Susie couldn't get at each other, so paid no attention. Later on, when I got up, Susie was curled up on her bed in her room, I let the Wally and Sheena in, and we carried on.

The kicker is: Susie had completely polished off the chicken snacks of the other two ! (hence the hissing...) (So much for her being sick...!)

So, I guess I've learned not to trust KKs where other KKs treats are concerned!
Never a dull moment, right ?

Hope you and your Kidlet are doing really really well, serenely sailing through life. In holistic treatment, the serenity of the environment is of great importance, as you know...

Does Duffy need subcutaneous fluids? On Susie's thread I've posted a "helpful hints" primer, once folks have been trained to do this. I hope some people find it of assistance. Susie needs fluids sometimes twice a week, sometimes once a week-ish. It has been dramatically less since we stopped her pain med, and put in the homeopathic. hmmmmm

All the best, Happy Sunday, 3KM
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