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Yeah it's weird how cat's want Whiskas isn't it? I used to feed the Purrfectly Pouches to the stray cats because they were single serving so nothing to refrigerate or anything. Until I noticed it had BHA/BHT in it, and I'm anti-chemical preservatives myself so I wasn't too happy about Whiskas putting that in there and actually kind of hiding it (it was the last ingredient and they mashed it together with their contact info so it looks like an office number or something).

Erm, I have no idea why your cats wouldn't want Merrick. You got the regular Merrick like New England Boil and Cowboy Cookout, flavours like that?? My cats go nuts for Merrick.

If she likes tuna, then put tuna on top. I put Before Grains 100% meats on top their food or as a side snack sometimes. There's a tuna flavour and it's ground and in water so it's good for them.

Two of my cats are picky eaters too so don't feel alone. I suggest you just buy a bunch of different kinds in the smallest cans you can find, and keep trying until you find something the cat will eat and then stock up on it.
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