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Question Kitten Diet

How do you get the kitten to eat what you want her to? I thought, since she's pretty recently weaned, she'd eat whatever we put down. Apparently, she has other ideas.

She's sending a subtle message of what she thinks of her food ... She tries to bury it, same as litter contents!

She's underweight, according to the vet at her last visit (checkup, dewromed & first shots at 8wks), so I'm trying to fatten her up.

The folks who have her mommy weaned the litter at 6-7 weeks using Purina Kitten Chow kibble soaked in milk. Ugh!

I've got her off that ... but ... Orijen dry? No dice. Wellness kitten, canned? NO WAY! She will eat Techni-Cal precision kitten dry, although not alot. And, horror of horrors, she likes Whiskas Cuts Tuna in 85g pouches. She will eat one pouch in a day&1/2. She also likes to sample what we're eating, although I'm not keen on feeding table scraps, she jumps on the table and helps herself when you turn your back!

I'm an hour away from any pet food store, but yesterday I was travelling and picked up some Dick VP's Duck & Pea and some Merrick's canned with no artificial colour/flavour/preservatives.

So, how do I actually get her to eat it? Since she needs all the weight she has, I'm worried about going militant on her food and having her lose weight!

Also, I'm seeing a lot of people here against kibble food for pets ... I have always been told that "crunchies" are better for their teeth? Of course, all my past/present cats have had fresh water daily and have been good drinkers.

Any advice?
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