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Originally Posted by SolaMio View Post
Ohhh quantity... I have had to really limit the amount I'm feeding the girls, too. I switched to higher quality food and lowered the amount because Layla was overweight when we adopted her from the SPCA. Millie was always a pretty small cat. Now the shoe is on the other foot- Layla looks tiny in comparison to ballooned Millie. :sad: I don't think she's on her way to cat obesity, but she's still a bit larger than I feel comfortable with. I'm going to check with the vet at her next visit. But even he said (about Millie) "I don't think she'll ever be a LARGE cat". Boy was he wrong...

Sweet Pea's stomach stretched so much that she wants to eat 3 times the norm for an adult cat. I couldn't believe what she would eat when she was nursing All my fault, I should have cut down her food while she was weaning her kittens.
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