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Jasper's weight has stablized. He absolutely loves Instinct: Lamb, Venison and Rabbit, Lamb being his favourite, so he gets that brand.

I have had to add kibble sprinkled on the top to add calories, but added water to the canned hoping to make up for the lack of moisture in his kibble. I really wanted to be kibble free so I will try again in the winter when he isn't so active. He runs like a dog when he is outside, climbs trees and runs after the chipmunk and resident turkey.

His "special" dinner is kept locked up from Sweet Pea, who can't have any extra calories (so zero kibble) and Puddles, who has to have extra water and low phosphorus food.

He is locked in the bedroom with Puddles and I at night and that is when he does the majority of his eating.
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