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in need of help making my coonhound stop pulling

I just adopted a rescued Bluetick Coonhound yesterday, and i already love him a lot, but his amazing strength has be scared for his wellbeing and mine. When he's on a leash and a bunny or other small animal happens to hop by, he goes berzerk and chases after it with such force that I am unable to stop him and he literally drags me behind him. So far, nothing terrible has happened, but I'm afraid he's going to pull my arm out of its socket, or get away from me and get into danger - there is a busy road nearby. Is there anyone who's used one of those 'gentle leaders' on their coonhound? Is it effective, or is there nothing I can do to discourage my otherwise wonderful dog from dragging me all over the place? Any advice? I'm kindof scared to take him out for walks, given his brute strength and my inability to control him when he's in 'hunt mode'
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