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That's more then I feed actually.

2 of my cats won't eat wet and only eat about half a cup of dry food each per day so they are out of the equation

My 5 other cats and 5 foster kittens get a minimum of 12 oz of wet for dinner, which equals I give them a 5.5 oz can (usually something by Merrick) and top it off with half a big can of either Innova Evo or Wellness chicken grain free.

Sometimes they get a 5.5 oz can of BG canned meats though for a snack
I think you don't feed dry though but the ones that eat wet food don't eat much dry food. Only Socks and Kasey refuse wet, but Missy is the piggy and will eat as much as she can shove down her throat.

Do your cats tell you when they are hungry? Mine do. If they are telling you it's not enough, then give them a bit more. But you have less cats then me and it sounds like you are feeding them as much food as my cats+kittens eat in 1.5 days (assuming my parents don't over feed them...)

Ignore me if I did my math wrong... I hate math!
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