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Hello from Ontario!

Hello everyone!
My names Laura and I'm 17 from Ontario, Canada. I have two dogs, but only one is 'mine'. Toby is a sheltie border collie cross. I used to do some obediance and agility with him but eventually gave up out of fusteration, however I'd love to get back into it again.
You will soon see my "desperatly seeking advice" all over the dog portion of the forum!
Besides Toby, I have a pug named Chance (who is my Grandmas dog, who we got when she moved to a retirment home). And three cats, my old man Snuffy, the grey and white one is 13, I got him when I was 4. Angel, the fat black and white one I adopted when I was around 11 volunteering at a human society (at the time she had to be hand fed, and was very very nervous, I felt bad so I took her home!). Quincy, the fluff ball, and my freakishly large gelding, King.
Here are some pictures!

Toby and Angel

Toby and Quincy

Toby, Quincy and Snuffy


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