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Could I be feeding too little?

Okay, I'm wondering if I may be feeding the gang too little food.

I split two cans between the 5 in the morning and then another 2 can's in the evening. Each cat gets two tablespoons in the morning and then two in the evening. When I only had Vlad and Oksana, I was splitting two cans a day between them and they rarely ate all of their food.

But I'm thinking I'm giving them too little. I managed to stop the dry free feeding so they all just eat canned. I've been weighing them monthly, and so far the last 3 times they have been weighed, Vlad and Oksana have been steady and Maks and Kiska have been gaining a good amount of weight.

I do notice the girls usually don't eat as much as the boys so I think between them all they are all getting what they need.

Still, how much do you guys typically feed your cats? I don't want to starve my gang but I don't want to give them so much they will have weight issues.
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